Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SantaDwarf brings Christmas present to one Dwarfling

Inspiration for this piece came with the season... It was actually drawn and painted on Christmas Day (most of it after son and missus went to sleep ;-D)

Pencil on paper, scanned and inked digitally:

I wanted to use warm honey color for the background when painting: I am quite satisfied with the final result. After this stage I felt that adding more color to the picture would actually take away some of its magic.

At the end I just added vignette and my blospot adress:

I hope you like it!


Biljana said...


Ti si bre prav umetnik, daj pravi cestitiki, zemi nekoj denar. Mnogu fajde od medicinata nema.

fitzhoods said...

My favourite is still Einstein Dwarf.
I look forward to the next ones
Nadia :-)