Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some new drawings

Those are some assorted drawings done in the meanwhile:
Hellboy as a boy: my all time favourite character! I plan to color this little guy.

Vampire charging! This guy is thirsty & nasty! I would run if I were you!

Troll! Character design. I will color him an post him soon!

Balor! Giant from the celtic mythology

Character design for the national park Galicica. There is intention to have educational comic book with this guy. We'll see what will come out of him.

Here he is in a more sinister version!

This little guy is ringwraith from the "Lord of the Rings". He was done for mini-competition on "GameArtisans". Theme was "Baby villains". Pencil sketch.

Basic shading.

I have started adding the colors.

All of the sudden, I was here! No intermediate files saved (I am not sure that I clicked Ctrl+S in the meanwhile)

Final composition: I have added burning Barad - Dur in the background.

That's all folks! See ya soon!