Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My take on Marvel Superheroes

Those are four illustrations that with Marvel Superheroes...

Daredevel has always been one of my favourite characters... but villains he faces... brrr, scary! This ilustration contains all of the coolest villains in one place (and one lonely hero ;o))

Thor & Co. (you know)

Once upon a time there was this mini - serial with a guy named Bloodstone... I have read and re-read it several times... and when I heard that there was comicbook with his daughter, I just had to make them meet (now, Bloodstone, being dead, just had to be zombified, don't you think?)
Ever since I saw "Blade", I wanted to make an illustration, but making him fight just another vampire felt just too ordinary... so I thought: "Who is bloodthirsty enough to cause Blade to make an honest mistake?"... and I decided ;o)

They were all penciled on paper and then inked digitally... I hope you'll like them!
Comments are wellcome!


oliver said...

Mi se dopadnaa ilustraciive.A da gi tusiras racno?Mislam deka taka podobro ke izgleda.

brad said...

Awesome lineart, you are an amazing artist.